Maritime Chapel provides burials at sea all over the world through its network of Ministers. We have performed these services for important executives and the homeless person on the street, for military personnel and civilians from all walks of life. Our service is respected for its environmental friendliness, as well as its honored history as one of the oldest forms of burial.

The largest part of our services, and the growing portion, is for the less fortunate in our society. You have seen them almost every day, under bridges and offering to wash your windshield. For a variety of reasons, they are unable to rejoin the working society and are living day-to-day, doing what they can.

Even in death, they are our brothers and sisters. Especially in death, they deserve respect and a proper burial.

Locally, Maritime Chapel provides services to these brethren, on referral from Harris County, Galveston County and the Veterans Administration. Like every other service, these costs are rising.

Please consider a donation to help offset these costs. Any donation would be appreciated; even a dollar helps with the rising cost of fuel for funerals.

The work is continuing, the need is real; your help will allow us to service that need.

Thank you for your time. May God bless you and keep you safe.

Funerals at Sea Morgue Repair